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Carpet cleaning does not need to be an endless chore. Utilizing the most advanced steam cleaning methods, Key Cleaning of South Florida is the name to remember when it comes time to transform a dirty, dingy carpet into a flooring surface that looks as if it has been recently installed.

Carpet cleaning techniques have changed radically over the past decade. The use of highly efficient steam vacuums combined with modern detergent solutions means a cleaner flooring surface, one that homeowners will be proud to show off to their neighbors. In South Florida, residents have come to trust the Key Cleaning name, primarily because of the expert, rapid service offered, as well as the affordable pricing.

An Advanced Carpet Cleaning Method

Carpet manufacturers favor steam cleaning because of the efficiency with which superheated water can loosen and remove dirt and stains. However, methods used in the past involved a huge discharge of water into the carpet material, resulting in a long wait before the surface was dry.

This is unacceptable to many homeowners. The dry chemical cleaning methods popularized by some cleaning specialists in the 80’s and 90’s proved satisfactory, but this type of carpet maintenance involves the use of chemicals that can actually attract more dirt.

Experienced Cleaning Personnel

Key Cleaning of South Florida employs specially trained field personnel who make the most efficient use of their time. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, these field techs are never subcontracted. All are employed by the parent company, use approved products that are environmentally friendly, and perform work that is backed with a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Complete Home Carpet Inspection

The cleaning crew will perform a walk-through inspection of the home, discuss the method used to clean the carpet, and apply a pre-treatment solution as necessary to particularly dirty areas. After the carpet surface has been steam cleaned, the floor is groomed, deodorizers are used to freshen the air, and a final walk-through is performed in the company of the homeowner.

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